New provision for Squirrels, 4-6 yrs girls & boys coming soon


Launching at Water Orton Scouts soon?

We are ready to open, with a but.

The challenge is that we have young people on our waiting list, building, resources and funds to start, and everything is very exciting. We just need one more thing: some adult volunteers willing to give us some time and help us get things started. We offer training, support, and a fun team to be part of. If you are interested, contact us, and we can tell you more.

Will you be our next Squirrels volunteer?

Volunteering’s not just about giving back – the benefits go both ways. Amazing volunteers run all of our activities. Volunteering lets you try new things, meet new people, and make a difference. We know that volunteering is #GoodForYou because when you volunteer, you’ll:

  • Do something good for your community and yourself.
  • Gain skills for the future.
  • Spend time with your children or gain experience with young people.
  • Make friends.
  • Make memories.

Volunteering will keep your body and brain active as you make a huge difference in young people’s lives. You will help them develop skills for life and learn a whole lot about themselves along the way.

It doesn’t matter if you want to get involved regularly or help out occasionally – we can find the right fit for you

Latest News

We have enough interest and pre-registrations to move to the next stage we are looking for adult volunteers to support us. Training and support will be given.

If you are interested in supporting the opening of Squirrels.

Being a Squirrels

Squirrels are a completely new provision for 4 to 5-year-olds. There are plenty of reasons to get stuck in, as Squirrels gives young people a chance to:

  • Make friends.
  • Have fun outdoors.
  • Learn new things.
  • Earn badges through fun activities.

This new programme for Water Orton is planned to start, and volunteers are needed.

The programme

Take a sneak peek at the amazingly adventurous, fun-packed skills-building programme.


Squirrels red for the uniform as it’s so closely associated with the red squirrel animal, it’s highly visible to keep children safe, and the bright primary colour appeals to children of all genders.

Badges and Awards

Get an introduction to outdoor activities, have the opportunity to be creative, explore your local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout sleepover with your friends.

Moving up to Beavers

Eventually, it’ll be time to say farewell to Beavers and embrace your next big adventure.

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