The Scout Group has been busy since our last newsletter in October.

Let’s start with some of the activities our fantastic young people have been up to.

Scouts went to Flash Climbing just before Christmas and had lots of fun climbing the walls and learning new skills.

Scouts had so much fun we decided also to take the Cubs just before we broke up for the February half-term.

But, unfortunately, we disappointed our grown-ups when there wasn’t enough space to climb. So a third visit is called for, for our fantastic supporting adults to have a go!

In November, we joined others from around the village for the Remembrance Service. It always fills our Leaders and me with pride parading through the village, remembering others, and seeing our young people showing their support.

During the weeks leading to Remembrance Service, we had an active programme with Beavers, Cubs & Scouts around Remembrance and what it means to them.

Scouts were out and about in the New Year, this time on two wheels as they ventured out to Moria Furnace to ride around the local cycle routes.

Scouts rode from Moria Furnace to Hicks Lodge and the dedicated mountain bike trail. Scouts had a great day, and we spent over 4 hours on the bikes.

Here are some of the other things our Beavers, Cubs & Scouts have been up to

  • Joint Beaver, Cub & Scout Campfire for Bonfire Night
  • Christmas parties and fun nights in December
  • Wide Game for Cubs 
  • Chinese New Year-themed nights for Beavers Cubs & Scouts
  • Night Hike for Beavers and Scouts at Kingsbury Water Park
  • Pancake Olympics Night for Cubs

Group News…

As we announced back in November, we have some key Leaders moving between Beavers, Cubs & Scouts, and we have a few more updates:

Beavers: Spruce (Paul) has now moved to run Scouts and has taken on the role of Scout Leader. This leaves us actively looking for one or more to help run Beaver as Team Beaver Leader. Already in place are our fantastic Assistant Leaders. We are excited to have more young people joining in the next few weeks.

Cubs: We are excited to announce Bee (Donna) has taken on the Cub Leader role, and we are pleased to welcome Chris taking on Assistant Leader joining us too. Over the past 6-8 weeks, Cubs have grown quickly and almost at capacity, leaving space for Beavers to move up.

Scouts: With Spruce taking on Scout Leader, we have also had a new assistant Scout Leader, No.1 (Tony), who has been away from Scouting for the past 10 years, joining us. There are a lot of exciting plans for Scouts over the next year.

What’s On…

Below are the dates and events we expect to be taking part in:

March 2023

25-26th | Haarlem: Participants Camp

April 2023

23rd  | All: St George’s Day Promise Renewal

May 2023

Apr 29 – 1st May | Scouts: Six Summits

12 – 14th | Cubs: Camp

June 2023

17th | All: Water Orton Carnival (Supporting event & Stall)

16 – 18th | Haarlem: Participants Camp

23 – 25th | All: Group Camp

August 2023

5 – 16th | Haarlem: Haarlem Jamborette (registration closed)

September 2023

8 – 10th | All: Atherstone District Camp

Current Vacancies…

We have a few positions within the Scout Group that we are actively looking for help with. No prior experience is needed and we will support you every step of the way.

Scouting Roles

We are looking for adult support role (6-8yr olds Tuesday’s):

  • Who enjoys interacting with young people.
  • Who would be great at organising craft activities.
  • Who has plenty of energy and enjoys playing games.
  • Who’s patient and caring.

Get in touch with Stuart (Chief) | 03333441495 or look at our website Volunteering is fun and rewarding or Do IT Volunteering 

Executive Roles

The Group Executive Committee (Exec)

  • It is vital for running the Scout Group as they make collaborative decisions.
  • Carry out administrative/maintenance tasks and are the backroom running of the Scout Group.
  • The Executive Committee supports the Group Scout Leader in their duties, for the financially and legally responsible for running our Scout Group. The individuals who make up the Exec act are the Charity Trustees, acting in the children’s best interests in every decision they make. 
  • The committee members, like the Leaders, are volunteers.

We have had a couple of parents step down from roles on the Executive Committee. We thank them for their time and commitment while they’ve been with us, and we will be sad to see them go, but excitingly we need new members:

Group Treasurer

  • Group Treasurer works closely to support the GSL and Chairperson and is responsible for the group’s day-to-day banking and accounts.
  • Includes monitoring the Scout Group income, including receiving and accounting for all monies, maintaining financial records, fulfilling legal duties, and managing bill payments and budgets.
  • Here is a link to find out more about the Treasure Role

Group Secretary

  • The Secretary works closely to support the Chairperson with the administration of the Scout Group.
  • Secretary is responsible for the writing of minutes, communication with parents, and keeping accurate records of current Scout Group members. 
  • Responsible for all legal documentation regarding equipment and Health and Safety, including Gift Aid applications.
  • Here is a link to find out more about the Secretary Role

Get in touch with Mandi (Chairperson) at or Stuart (Chief) at chief@adminwaterortonscouts-org-uk

Can you help?

We cannot do everything, and this is when we will ask for help, which can come in various ways. Even tackling the smallest of tasks is a great way to get involved. We have started to pull a list together in no particular order or urgency; if you can help, please let us know.


  • Helping with games
  • Programme & evening activities
  • Event support for Beavers, Cubs or Scouts
  • Special guest speaker or activity
  • Beaver night support
  • Transport

Group Support

  • Blogger or content writer to help write articles for Scout Group
  • Emptying and sorting our containers ready for new storage to be fitted
  • Grant application and funding
  • Fundraiser to help set up Scout Group fundraising or create a team
  • Architect to assist with extending Scout HQ
  • Builder to help with a wall that needs some attention

Nothing on the list for you & want to help, just come and have a chat. I can say there is no pressure, and we are happy to answer any question.

Quiz & Curry Night to support Haarlem Jamborette

Booking Link:

Communication & Useful Links

Emails & Primary Communication

We use Email as our primary communication method; Facebook, Website and WhatsApp messages supplement emails. Please make sure our emails do not end up in your junk folder 


Main Page: Water Orton Scout Group | Facebook

Private Groups are where you will find many of the photos and weekly updates of what has been happening:

Beaver Page: Info for Parents of WO Beavers | Facebook
Cub Page: Info for Parents of WO Cubs | Facebook
Scout Page Info for Parents of WO Scouts | Facebook
Events Page: Water Orton Scout Events | Facebook

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