What have we been up to…

I can’t believe we have only a couple of months until the end of the year, where has the time gone? Some of you have just joined the Scout Group recently, and we welcome you, whereas others have been with us for a while now. We have had an exciting year, and until you reflect, you may not realise what we have already done.

Let us look back at some of our highlights:

  • Scouts joined a world record Bivi camp challenge in February
  • Virtual Six Summits Challenge with Cubs & Scouts
  • Supporting Christian Aid within the village
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Various hikes
  • Epic weekend with ‘Get in Camp 2022’
  • Summer water nights
  • External visits, such as the fire station
  • New adult support for Beavers, Cubs & Scouts
  • A number of our Leaders have completed their training and achieved their Wood beads
  • Autumn Halloween-themed Group Camp

There has been so much more, with events and activities on our normal meeting nights.

Some changes are happening over the coming weeks …

Let me first talk a bit about how a Scout Group runs. We are a charity, and no one is paid; volunteering time is given freely. Our volunteers have lots of fun delivering Scouting and sharing time together as a team. We all know our lives and family priorities continually change; this happens with our volunteers too.

For Rowan, Bosun, and Ash these life and family changes have meant that they have stepped down as volunteers from Scout Group. We want to say a massive thank you for their time and commitment; it has been a real pleasure to Scout with them over many years. They all have helped so many young people in their time and made a real difference to our young people. We wish them the best and hope to see them again in Scouting.

Now for a few changes…

Spruce (Paul) is moving from Beavers & Beaver Leader to Scouts to take charge of the Scout Troop. Spruce’s move is an exciting move and a new challenge for him. Spruce will remain at Beavers during this handover period while we start to find a new Beaver Leader or perhaps Team Beaver Leader running Beavers. For many of our volunteers, Beavers is where their adventure began in Scouting. Could you potentially see yourself doing this or have questions? If so, please, let us know.

Chief (Stuart) has been holding joint roles as Group Scout Leader (GSL) and Scout Leader for some time now. However, he is moving to support Cubs while we look to recruit a Cub Leader or a Team Cub Leader while continuing his duties as GSL.

What does it take to be a leader?

A want to have fun, learn and share. Our Leaders often participate in activities, section nights and events across the Scout Group, and this gives us a great sense of community, friendship, learning experiences and, of course, fun & laughter.

What does it take to join the team? Have fun, want to learn and bring your own experiences. We have already had support with new adults joining us this year from a wide range of backgrounds. They are enjoying being involved and learning new skills week by week. If you would like to know more, have a chat with anyone in the team. Our advice is to speak to one of our new leaders to get an understanding of what their experiences have been.

Activities and Events Dairy…

Below are the dates and events we expect to be taking part in. 


Beavers, Cubs & Scouts: Joint campfire

Remembrance Service with the village

Scout hikes between November ’22 and May ’23


Beavers, Cubs & Scouts: West Midlands Safari Park

February 2023

Scouts: International Bivi Sleepover

May 2023

Scouts: Six Summits

August 2023

Haarlem Jamborette (registration closed)

September 2023

Beavers, Cubs & Scouts: Atherstone District Camp

Can you help?

We are sometimes limited by what we can do and offer for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. As a result, we often ask for help, which can come in various ways. Offering even to tackle the smallest of tasks is an excellent help to us. I have started a list in no particular order or urgency; if there is something you can help with, please let us know.

Where we would like various degrees of help:


  • Helping with games
  • Programme & evening activities
  • Event support for Beavers, Cubs or Scouts
  • Special guest speaker or activity
  • Beaver or Cub night support
  • Beaver or Cub Team lead
  • Transport

Group Support

  • Content writer to help write articles for Scout Group
  • Emptying and sorting our containers ready for new storage to be fitted
  • Electrician to fit new lighting in Scout HQ
  • Grant application and funding
  • Fundraiser to help set up Scout Group fundraising or create a team
  • Architect to assist with extending Scout HQ
  • Builder to help with a wall that needs some attention

Nothing on the list for you & want to help, just come and have a chat. I can say there is no pressure, and we are happy to answer any question.