Saturday, October 23rd, was a spooktacular event for all our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. We gathered for a day of fun, games and activities, mixing everyone into teams so we could get to know everyone. We managed to compress a weekend of fun into a day and action-packed. The weather held for us, being outside for most of the day, it was as if we had booked it.

The day starts with a few games on the field before the activities begin and splitting into three teams for the day. The Leaders had been getting everything ready, and we had a treat in store for all the young people. The first three bases are prepared for the fun to start, so what did they do? Firstly, inside the building, a sensory blind trail running through the building take young people, low, high, through objects, scrambling and crawling through to the end. With the unknown, simple things become an entirely new adventure. Young people went through the trail with the support of leaders running the base. There was so much talk about what they thought they had gone through, what they thought it was and stories of the adventure.

Outside, there was talk about making cakes, and who doesn’t like to make cakes. Our young people need an oven outside, but we only have cardboard. So, of course, being Scouts, there is only one thing to do: make cardboard ovens, and cook on an open fire. But, our young people ask, will it not catch fire, and that is where our challenge begins—covering the box in tin foil, using top of the box to close box to make an oven and suspending a grid to place cakes on. Time to get the ovens built, cake mix into cake trays and its cooking time. Unlike ovens at home, fire doesn’t have a thermostat, so getting cakes to cook without getting singed is a skill, but our young people did manage to get it right.

The final of our first three bases was a classic, to build things with wood and rope, or in our case, elastic bands as well. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is always something new to learn when building as Scouts. Our Beavers and Cubs worked out what a shape is strong, and the triangle came out on top. Building three triangles, add some elastic and you have a free-standing catapult. The Older Scouts went and built a full-scale version with ropes and some lashings. It’s great what you can put together in forty-five minutes.

With a bit of a break for some refreshments, a quick change around and we had another three bases to get round in the late afternoon. What fun could we put together for the next, let’s find out? The first was outside, using some of the pioneering structures, we hung ring doughnut’s to eat off the string with no hands, apple bobbing, and finding the polo in flour. A few sneezes later and everyone looked like ghosts. While that was going on, another group was busy trying to knock down the containers in our tin alley. The steady aim, lightning reflexes and maybe some luck and off everyone went. With the final activity back in Scout HQ, it was what was in the box. Of course, we had everyone blindfolded again and feeling what was in our boxes of treats. Starting with foam pieces, then leaves, before it became more interesting. The last two contained cold boiled potatoes and the last, my favourite, cold custard.

The fun didn’t stop there. Time to get the Halloween disco and time for fancy dress mayhem. Some traditional party games, silly dancing and few some may have not played before. While the fun and noise filled the Scout HQ, Scouts were busy putting up their tents for the night. Other leaders fired up the BBQ and dinner was being prepared, everyone looking forward to dinner.

Dinner finished, and time for the final part of our day, campfire. The campfire was fun, we obviously haven’t had one for a while and many new members, it’s time to teach some songs. Remembering all the verses and actions was fun, and entertaining when it goes a little awry halfway through songs. With all that said, we were loud, had lots of fun, and it was time to bring the day to a close.

We managed to pack a weekend into seven hours, and what a day we had. Our Beaver, Cubs and some of our leaders headed home, maybe a little tired but full of stories of their adventures. We have waited for a long time to run an event like this, and on reflection, it didn’t disappoint. We had and needed plenty of help to make this work, from our leadership team planning the activities. Through leaders from other Scout Groups, our young leaders, exec members and parent, we couldn’t have done it without every last helper. Our thanks go to everyone who attended and supported us to give our young people a fantastic adventure. – Chief